If you've having problems with the installer, then please manually download and install the .NET framework redistributable from here, then run the PxPaint installer again.
It seems that on some systems, PxPaint's installer is unable to automatically download the redistributable for you, but instead just gives some kind of cryptic error message.
Once I get a chance to look into this fully I'll post an updated installer.

5/10/04 - Demonstration of the multiple windows, early image loading ability (and some familiar faces!)

26/9/04 - Floodfill now works, and the magnify tool is in the early stages of working!

22/9/04 - A fairly uninspiring screenshot showing all the working drawing tools

15/9/04 - Most of the basic drawing tools working, and colour works too!


Aim - to reproduce functionality and feel of the old Amiga paint programs "Deluxe Paint" and "Personal Paint" in a modern modular C# environment. (In other words it's a DPaint clone for Windows)

The Name - A Phoenix is a mythical bird that is reborn from it's own ashes (just like PxPaint is reborn from the ashes of it's parent applications). Also sounds a bit like the illegitimate child of "Personal" and "Deluxe" (or so I think, anyway!)

Current project status - currently in basic prototype stages - the overall interface has been built (using a modern Windows MDI based layout) and most of the basic drawing tools have been implemented.

Design influences - the following programs are being used as the main design influences:

The state as of 5th November 2004

What works:

Working tools

BrushtypeSketchDrawFilled DrawSpraycanLineCurveFloodfillBoxFilled BoxCircleFilled CircleOvalFilled OvalPolyFilled PolyText
Single PixelYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo

YesDrawing tool implemented for this brush type
NoDrawing tool not (yet) implemented for this brush type
n/aDrawing tool not applicable for this brush type

What's yet to be done:

See the blog for more frequent status updates